Creating compelling communications

  • Marty writes code
  • Steven Cavallo New York
  • Michael photographs U2
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47 years of excellence in design

Web Design

We design the website that's right for you. We find and create the words, colors and images that meet your unique needs.

Web Development

We combine web design and web development, writing HTML, CSS and Javascript to make your web site look great while functioning flawlessly.

Visual Communication Design

We build effective branding and marketing materials with optimized typography, color and layout for both print and electronic media.

Package Design

We use our expertise & experience in printing, folding and diecutting to create packaging that protects, promotes and sells your products.


We communicate complex concepts quickly and completely, by drawing, painting and digitally manipulating our illustrations.


We photograph ultra-high quality (7360 x 4912 pixels) RAW images using Nikon D800 & Balcar 1600 watt-second strobes.


We build secure and successful E-commerce sites with Shopify, blending superb photography, compelling copy and custom CSS.

Cooper Union

At Cooper, I studied color and design under Hannes Beckmann, painting under Wolf Kahn, and photography under Arnold Newman.


I started Martin Saint-Martin in 1973. Past and current accounts include:


American Management Association

American Museum of Natural History

Dun & Bradstreet

Country Home magazine

Interior Design magazine

Physics Today magazine

Traditional Home magazine

Staying current

To stay at the leading edge of the fast-evolving web design field: I teach at SUNY, rewrite the courses every semster, and endeavour to stay ahead of my students.

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